Which Are the Most Common Roof Types

A Professional Roofing Contractor Explains Why You Might Prefer One Material to Another

roofing work with flex roofWelcome to the blog page of J. Broni Roofing Inc. again! In this article, we would like to explain the main differences between the three most common roofing materials. So, if it is time for a roof replacement or you need the help of a professional roofing contractor for an installation service, this article will answer many of your questions.

Metal roofs
It is indisputable that this is the best type of the three most common ones. However, as anything that is of superior quality, it comes at a higher price. Nevertheless, the metal roofs last more than 50 years and are very durable. Unlike the shingle roofs, they don’t need frequent maintenance. What is more, the metal provides much better insulation than the other materials. The white ones also reflect around 90% of the sunlight!

Wood shakes
Compared to the metal, the wood isn’t so durable, and you might need a roofing repair more often. However, it comes at a lower price and is considered to have fairly good insulation qualities. With wooden shingles, you have to regularly check the roof for mold and insects. Those are the biggest vulnerabilities to the wood.

Asphalt shingles
It is of no surprise that this is also among the usual roofing materials. The cheap price of those shingles makes them the preferred choice for many local residents. However, they are more hard to maintain (the shingles often get broken or cracked) and last less (the usual lifespan is no longer than 30 years).

As a premier roofing contractor, our company recommends that you choose a metal roof. The reason for this is that it lasts longer and is more durable. If you have any questions, make sure to contact our Brooklyn, NY based company at (718) 979-7200.