How to inspect your roof for damage after a storm

Roofing contractor tips to inspecting for damages

Every year, there comes a time when your roof’s strength and durability is put to the test. Inspecting your home after a storm, or a hail is essential. The yard and the walls are easy to check, but the roof is not. This article will help you prepare for the worst, and prepare you for potentially dangerous situations.

contractors inspecting the roofFirst, we don’t want you climbing any wet roofs, or attempting a roof repair immediately after a storm. It’s better if you leave that to the professionals. They have the equipment and tools to get up there safely, and the skills to handle it quickly and efficiently.

While inspecting the walls and the other parts of your home for damage, retrieve a pair of binoculars and take a peek at the roof  from  a distance. Try to avoid climbing any wet roofs, especially if it’s not really necessary. Another reason for that is because some roofing materials are more fragile than others, and if you’re not careful you could cause more damage than the storm.

Weather conditions, along with various other natural factors can cause a lot of wear and tear on any roof. Such factors may include – hail, strong winds, heavy rains, high humidity levels and scorching sun. Causing various problems like– rust spots, cracks in the caulking or the shingles, curling, blistering and so on.

Places that wear out quicker and are more likely to have problems are – around chimneys, pipes, skylights and even around top caps. Be sure to check those places thoroughly!

Check the ground around your home for piles of colorful grit. That’s a sure indication that your shingles have started to wear, call a roofing contractor for a closer inspection soon. This may not mean, however, you need an emergency roof repair.

If, instead of grit, you find black algae, moss, lichen, or mildew, that means your roof is decaying and that is a good reason for a roof repair.

Another thing to consider is the caulking of any skylights and chimneys. Check those for cracks and consult a roofing contractor if they have any. These can cause leaks and various other problems.

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