What should you do, in case of a leak

Professional roofing contractor advice for handling leaky roofs

A leak in the ceiling is a sure indication that you need an emergency roof repair. Obviously the first thing to do, should be to call your local roofing contractor. The problem is, almost all leaks occur during storms, or pouring rains and you have to manage the situation on your own before the contractor can take a look at it.

Here is what we advise you to do in case of an unexpected leak:

contractor climbing on the roof1. Finding the source of the leak may seem like an easy task, but it should not be underestimated. The moisture makes dark spots on places it’s trying to go through. Be sure to encircle them with a pencil before they dry up. That way your roofing contractor can estimate the scale of the problem.

2. The source of the leak may not be easy to spot  from  the outside of your home, so don’t try climbing the wet roof. Get a pair of binoculars and inspect it  from  the ground, instead. If you can’t locate it, leave it to the professionals.

3. Before the leak is over, you will have to find a way to manage it, so that it does no further damage to your property. Put a bucket under it, for starters. After that, you can try to plug the leak until the contractor arrives. You can use duct tape, rubber sheets, sealants and anything you find useful.

Such accidents happen even to the best homes. Sometimes storms can loosen and pull out entire shingles. No matter what the reason, the best way to deal with it, is to get a quick roof repair and put an effort to preventing future leaks. A regular maintenance, by a reliable roofing contractor, will take all roofing worries away. If you are looking for such a roofer, for any projects on the territory of Brooklyn, NY, or the surrounding area, J. Broni Roofing Inc. is the one to call! (718) 979-7200