Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions regarding our roofing company and the repair services we provide for our clients in Brooklyn, NY; here, you can find the answers needed. If you still cannot see the answers you are looking for, you are more than welcome to give J. Broni Roofing Inc. a call at (718) 979-7200 for more information. We will answer all your questions!

Q: Can the roof of my property be repaired or I need to hire a roof replacement company?

A: There are a lot of roof problems that do not require the replacement of the whole roof – in many cases, cracked, missing, or broken shingles can be successfully fixed. However, if your roof is old and has issues, the best thing you should do is hire a roof replacement contractor instead of roof repair service providers.

Q: Can I perform the roof repair on my own, or I should hire a roofer to do it for me?

A: Many small jobs throughout your home can be tackled the DIY way. However, roof repair is a major project, and it’s a time-consuming process that requires many years of experience. With this said, you should hire our roofing company to get the peace of mind that the job will be completed successfully the first time.

Q: How long should I expect my roof to last?

A: It depends on many factors that go into how long your roof will last. Once installed, roofs have a warranty. However, this doesn’t mean that the roof of your property will necessarily last this long without some kind of maintenance or repair. Some roofs wear faster because of environmental conditions and severe weather. Most of the installed roofs are designed to last between 15 and 25 years. Metal and slate roofs could last even longer!

Q: What can cause damage to my roof?

A: Direct sun, severe weather, mildew and algae growth can be some of the many factors in what causes the roof of your property to wear out. Hailstones falling on the roof and removing some of the granules are also an issue. Roofs that are darker colored wear out faster than roofs that are light colored.

Q: How to spot the exact location of a roof leak?

A: Leaks can be a challenging task to spot because water can travel for a while before finally showing through the ceiling.

Q: How to make the right choice for a roofing contractor?

A: When hiring, you should ask for referrals and speak with some of the former clients. We are the right choice for many because we have many years of experience in the roofing industry and our exceptional price-to-performance ratio is the reason why many people choose a roofer from our company.

Are you still having trouble finding the answers to your questions regarding our roofing company in Brooklyn, NY? If so, you are more than welcome to give J. Broni Roofing Inc. a call, and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions! We are looking forward to hearing from you!