This is the Right Time to Hire a Professional Roofer

Thanks to your roofing system, the outside environment will be the least of your concerns. Since your system is always exposed to the weather, significant damage is imminent. To prevent your roof from falling into disrepair, you must maintain it. Plus, this also makes it last for a long time. If you notice shingle granules in the rain gutter lately, hire a professional roofer.

Signs Your Roof Needs to Be Repaired Today

As the owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure your roof is always in excellent shape. But due to your other priorities such as work, you barely think about your roof at all. Roofs fall into disrepair due to lack of maintenance and neglect from you. It’s crucial you know when to ask for any help. Here are the warning signs that you need to hire a professional roofer:

Dark stains and mold growing in your walls

Do you notice dark stains and mold growing in your home’s walls lately? These are the results of moisture seeping through the walls from a leak in your roofing system. Repairing this damage is difficult which is why you should hire a roofing contractor. Only your contractor is capable of repairing the roof and the water damage it caused in your house.

One side of your roof is sagging badly

A sagging roof is an obvious indication that you should hire a roofing contractor. The sagging is caused by a problem with the underlayment or the system’s structure. Repairing your damaged and sagging roof isn’t an easy job for you to do. Only a roofing contractor is able to straighten your sagging roof with excellent precision in a timely manner.

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