When You Should Do a Roof Repair

Leaks, wet spots, and broken shingles are signs of damage that are normally quite obvious and so easy to spot. But there are less obvious signs. These are subtle signs that you may need to call a roof repair professional to find and inspect it. That’s why it’s still possible for you to check them out if you know what you’re looking for. Here are some subtle signs of roof damage:

Roofing Problems

Dark Spots and Sounds

Most homeowners are likely to ignore this sign of roof damage. It may seem like a typical problem, black or dark spots can be a dangerous issue that will require a professional to repair it. Ignoring or neglecting these spots can make your roof vulnerable to worse problems like mold or larger leaks. If there are whistling sounds in your house, there is a big chance that this is a sign of roof damage. Small, but persistent, roof damage can create an airflow that’s quite hard to find without thoroughly inspecting your house. So if your house is sealed and still hear some whistling noises, pretty sure they’re not ghosts.

Buckling Shingles and Animals

Missing shingles are obvious to spot, but buckling shingles can be very hard to identify. Even if it’s easier to find than other types of damage, you’ll only notice them when you’re up on the roof. That’s why this type of damage is often overlooked. You have to check your roof regularly or hire a professional to really inspect any sorts of damage. When you hear animals running around the roof or see them, you should have your roof checked as soon as you can. These animals can easily find holes or broken areas in your roof. If the number of animals becomes too many, it may be that your roof’s damage is a lot worse than you imagined.

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